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Mini-Review: Tastykake Limited Edition “Black & White” Pie

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Tastykake pies are remarkably consistent. Almost every standard flavor is delicious. When it comes to limited edition flavors, however, their track record is less impressive. Banana Split was just okay, and while Rita’s Mango did a commendable job emulating the flavor of Rita’s mango water-ice, the flavor just didn’t translate well to the pastry medium. Tonight I put a new limited edition pie to the text.

The Black and White pie is intriguing because it’s something of a mystery- what does “black and white” taste like? You would assume it’s vanilla and chocolate, but the box doesn’t say shit– maybe its white cheddar and caviar. Maybe I was looking for an excuse to buy it. Either way, I took this shot in the dark so that you don’t have to.

Please don’t. This shit sucks. It’s chocolate and vanilla pudding inside a pie crust. In fact, the traditional soft and flaky Tastykake pie crust is the best part by far. The flavor is one-dimensional, and its a boring, stinky dimension. It was not worth the money or the calories. Limited edition Tastykake pies are 0/3. Will I ever learn?


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December 31, 2011 at 4:22 am

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